No I to rue nor Eye to cry…

‘Lack of alternative’ is never a good enough reason, to promote ANY ideology that divides, nay! Rips apart, peaceable communities to consolidate its rule! Religion is just as Political because in it’s organized form it’s also just about consolidating temporal &fiscal power through infiltration into our most vulnerable psychological and emotional zones with the need […]

A Bee is dead

Oh… I say looking at my morning watsapp messages. So he found a dead bee on the terrace of his house, a tiny rented place in the city’s outskirts.  Located in a small-time colony built on another one of this city’s many clogged arteries, the rents are relatively cheaper. A couple of decades ago this was […]

George John, The Artist or The Story of a Generation

A small energetic frame of wiry strength hung over with a khaddar shirt like a loose tent; A sensitive feral face of an indeterminate cast with intense eyes & flaring nostrils that suggested all at once both the leonine and the simian. The thick mane of wild hair& unkempt straggly beard that heightened the sense […]

An evening concert with T M Krishna

What a totally awesome Artist! What an evening , TM Krishna!(@Kalikotta Palace, Tripunithura) 🙏❤️I stood there fumbling…Always as usual, here too I started off by sitting unfeelingly like a stone in front of music thinking…”oh I’ve heard it all before…”Then it got to me…Before I knew what was happening… There! It has taken me over […]